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Daily Bites is a blog committed to supporting all those interested in wholesome, healthy living with gluten-free recipes and nutrition and culinary tips. You don’t have to be a gluten-free eater to enjoy the food here. It’s delicious and nutritious whether you’re wheat-free or not!

You can expect to find…

  • Gluten-free (and usually dairy-free) recipes featuring fresh, natural ingredients.
  • Tips for eating well on a budget or when traveling.
  • Helpful, easy to read information regarding the nutrition content of certain foods.
  • Recipes that highlight seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Delicious alternatives to often unhealthy common comfort foods.
  • Friendly posts written by a real person with real cravings and a real life!

Daily Bites is authored by me, Hallie Klecker. I am a certified Nutrition Educator and passionate gluten-free cook. While I eat gluten- and dairy-free, my goal with Daily Bites is to show anyone interested in healthy living that gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free food can be both flavorful and nourishing. Learn more about my story here.

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Feel free to contact me with questions about any of the content you read at Daily Bites, including the recipes. Need help with making over a recipe of your own or tackling a tough cooking method or ingredient? Just shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Email: hallie (at) dailybitesblog (dot) com (pardon this funky spelling…it helps prevent spam!)




When did you begin living gluten-free? Why?

In my late teens, I began feeling really lousy and going through a lot of pain physically. Stomach aches, fatigue, muscle weakness, and facial puffiness were regular occurrences. On the recommendation of a holistic nutritionist, I eliminated gluten from my diet and began to repair my damaged intestinal tract through the use of supplements and herbs. Within just a few months, I was feeling like a different person.

Not until the spring of 2010 did I experiment with going dairy-free as well due to some physical symptoms that indicated I might have an allergy. Since I’ve been off the dairy, I’ve felt even better! So even though I haven’t actually been tested clinically to determine if I have food allergies to gluten and dairy, my life is so much richer without them that I’m quite confident I’ll never go back to “the old days.”


Are all of your recipes gluten-free and dairy-free?

Yes, all of my recipes are gluten-free and those posted within the last year are also dairy-free.

Have you had any professional training as a chef?

Nope. I’ve been to workshops here and there around the country as my schedule permits, but all of my cooking skills have been learned through the best school I’ll ever attend: the school of life.

Growing up, my family was always very into the whole “family dinner” concept. My mom made dinner from scratch almost every night, often with my help. Weekly trips to the farmers’ market and grocery store were highlights for me. When I went gluten-free, cooking nutritious and healing food at home became an even bigger priority in my life. As my passion for cooking has grown, so has my desire to learn about new techniques and foods. I’m an avid reader and attribute much of my kitchen know-how to good books, blogs, and magazine articles.

Of course, hands-on cooking experience is critical to becoming a good cook as well! I’ve worked several years as a personal chef to those with food allergies/intolerances, and I also instruct gluten-free and dairy-free cooking classes in both group and private settings.


Do you have a favorite type of food to prepare?

Anything with fruits or vegetables. I’m a produce fanatic. I’d say that about 80-90% of my grocery shopping time is spent in the produce department selecting the freshest berries, most tender greens, and fragrant herbs.


When you’re not cooking or writing blog posts, what do you do?

I recently published my first cookbook, The Pure Kitchen: Clear the Clutter from Your Cooking with 100 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes. (You can read more about my book here.) I also teach local cooking classes and offer healthy eating coaching services. Because I prepare almost everything I eat from scratch and test recipes for this blog or other publications on almost a daily basis, I don’t have a ton of free time. But the spare moments I do catch are usually spent reading (everything from novels to cookbooks to ingredient labels), writing (this blog, letters, and tidbits of fiction), exercising, spending time with my family, and enjoying the outdoors when Wisconsin weather permits!


I live in the Madison, WI area and would love to meet you in person. Do you ever do that sort of thing?

Yes! I would be happy to meet you somewhere, even if it’s just for a quick hello and cup of tea. Contact me here or via Facebook or Twitter.


Do you do freelance recipe development work for gluten-free or dairy-free products?

Yes, I do. If you or your company has a product that you’d like featured in gluten-free, dairy-free recipes, please contact me. I’d love to work with you!


Got other questions?

Send ‘em my way! I’ll try to answer as best I can.


  1. Interested in gluten, egg, dairy, and potato free!

  2. Hi,
    Do you have any information on gluten free, sugar free recipes? I am interested in recipes that qualify for low glycemic index. Thank You!

  3. Dear Hallie,

    I just found your website today, and am thrilled to find fun and tasty looking ideas for a low glycemic diet. Thank you for taking the time to create these recipes and offer hope for those who are crazy busy but need to change their diets for improved health.

    I am looking forward to trying my way through your blog, to see what my husband and I connect with, and find what feels good and tastes good.

    With thanks,

  4. I just made the carrot hummus. If it is an example of your recipes, I sure want more!

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