Top 10 Recipes of 2013

December 30th, 2013 at 6:06 am
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This has been a delicious year filled with amazing, health-giving food! I always love taking a look at the stats at the end of December to see which recipes gained the most popularity with you all. This year’s results surprised me just a tad. (You’ll see why when you get to #3.)

So let’s get to it! Here, in descending order counting down to #1, are the most popular recipes of the 2013.

Raw Power Salad

10. Raw Power Salad

I’m glad to see one of my favorite salads land in the top 10! This salad is not to be missed if you’re looking for a tasty way to get in your greens. We sure do love our veg here at Daily Bites, don’t we?

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Green Goddess Kale Salad (Daily Bites)

9. Green Goddess Kale Slaw

Another salad rises in the ranks! I love that you guys love kale as much as I do. A creamy avocado dressing gives this salad a silky smooth texture that tenderizes those prickly leaves.

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Nut-Free Dark Chocolate Truffles (Daily BItes)

8. Nut-Free Dark Chocolate Truffles

I’m really proud of this recipe and am so glad it made the top 8. These truffles are free of a slew of common allergens but they’re so delicious and seriously melt in your mouth.

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Almond Butter Balls

7. Almond Butter Health Balls

These treats came in at #4 last year, and clearly they still have your attention this year! I love them as a sweet treat in the afternoon if I’m feeling the need for a pick-me-up without all the refined carbs and sugar.

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5 Ingredient Banana Bread Pancakes

6. 5-Ingredient Banana Bread Pancakes

We’re a bunch of breakfast lovers around here, aren’t we? These pancakes are super simple to make and require only a few common ingredients. I love them for a snack smeared with some almond butter, too.

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Coconut Lime Chicken Bites (Daily Bites)

5. Coconut Lime Chicken Bites

McDonald’s was onto something with the chicken nugget. People love chicken in bite-sized form. But these crunchy nuggets are MILES healthier than anything from the Golden Arches…and they couldn’t be easier to make. Last year they came in at #3.

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Green Flu Figher Juice

4. Green Flu Fighter Juice

Green juice in the top 5? You are definitely my kind of people! It seems like three quarters of the people I know right now are sick with one bug or another, so pounding back the greens is key for all of us.

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Carrot Cake Bites

3. Carrot Cake Bites

This was one came as a shocker to me. This recipe for Carrot Cake Balls will be 4 years old in April…and has never been in the top 10. Go figure. It slid into the top #3 with ease. I’m thinking it deserves a photo re-shoot and a new post.

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Pumpkin Truffles

2. Pumpkin Truffles

Pumpkin? Chocolate? No surprise here. This recipe went viral on Pinterest shortly after I posted it, gaining tons of views by chocolate lovers worldwide. I tested this recipe quite a few times before I got what I wanted, so I was a little burned out on truffles for a while afterwards. But now that pumpkin season has come and gone, I’m craving them again.

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Quinoa Crunch

1. Quinoa Crunch

Quite honestly, I did a double-take when I saw that this recipe was in the top 10…let alone #1. I had completely forgotten about it. Criminal, I know. Clearly you people love quinoa! (To be even more honest, I haven’t made this recipe again since posting it nearly a year and a half ago.)

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My Favorites

A few of my personal favorite recipes didn’t make the top 10 cut this year, but I thought I’d give them a shout-out anyways.

Hallie's Favorites 2013

Grain-Free Granola Balls
These have been in the top 15 for the past several years, so I was sad to see them fall from their lofty heights this year. They’re just so delicious! This is one of the few recipes that I still make time and again.

Tahini & Smoked Paprika Kale Chips
You haven’t had a kale chip until you’ve had these. I made them on a whim and they turned out amazing. Make them.

Double Chocolate & Banana Superfood Pops
Nothing beats a frozen treat on a hot day. These frozen pops totally take the cake when it comes to ice cream treats. They’re way better (and healthier) than anything store bought, plus they’re so easy anyone can make them!

Cherry Chia Mini Muffins
These are the perfect breakfast treat. You can change up the fruit to anything you have on hand, like blueberries or chopped strawberries.

Lemon Strawberry Tarts
Sometimes life just calls for a cute and dainty treat, and so you make these. Again, they couldn’t be easier but still pack in so much fresh and original flavor.


Did your favorite make the list? Let me know what you’d like to see in 2014. I have exciting things in store, but of course I want to put your requests front and center!

Happy New Year!

p.s. These were the most popular recipes of 2013. The most popular post of 2013 is 52 Ways to Eat Kale. It has been the reigning champ for 2 years, receiving tens of thousands of pageviews, Facebook shares, tweets, and over 8,000 pins on Pinterest. Amazing!




  1. Congratulations on another fabulous year of healthy recipes! I know 2014 will be AMAZING. xo

  2. Tried the Banana Bread Pancakes this morning for the family and they were a hit. Since it was my first time trying the recipe, I didn’t double it. Have you? Have you frozen any leftovers with success?

    Also, for the new year, I’d love to see more dinner entree’s. I could always use healthy inspiration for my three sons!

    Thanks for all your great work.

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