Video: Sugar Shocker (Part 3)

November 14th, 2013 at 8:08 am
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This week has kicked my butt.

Do you ever have weeks where there’s not that much on the schedule, and yet you feel super drained emotionally? I’m having one of those. Even though I haven’t been that “busy,” I just feel tired out and in need of a beach vacation!

That said, I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet. Enjoy the third installment of the Sugar Shocker video series. I’m talking about healthy snacks, so grab the kiddos and tune in!

P.S. During this video my head is somewhat cropped off. I’m not a videography wiz, so just ignore this and pardon my learning curve. Thanks!


Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.


Cracker Recipes Mentioned in the Video


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Questions, comments, feedback? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about our favorite healthy low-sugar snacks!



  1. Another great one!

    I find that if I eat three satisfying and healthy meals, I don’t need to snack. In fact, right now (ironically while watching the video!) is the first snack I’ve had in probably 2 months. Carrots and hummus. (That I’ve had in the fridge at work for probably 2 weeks – ahem! – because I haven’t felt the need to snack).

    I think one of the big problems with weight control is that people aren’t eating well enough at their meals (meaning not enough protein – whether meat or veg sources) so they are piling on even more calories by snacking – and bad snacking at that.

  2. Hallie,
    Great video! For me and some of the kiddos, snacking is a must. With our health issues, it is the only proper way to stabilize our blood sugar levels – and when we do not properly space our eating to every couple of hours, we pay a big price. Our littlest guy especially. With that said, coming up with snack options for five kiddos and myself day in and day out can make even the most joyful person a little weary sometimes. We do not make our own crackers, but only buy one brand and we always pair them with something else – making hummus is a favorite for us too. Our crackers and bean chips we call “the nutrition carriers” because they are getting the hummus and guacamole into these kiddos with ease. We also eat nuts or nut butters with our snacks to give them lasting power. I will say though that I feel like we are eating the same things over and over, and our snack options could use a huge change.
    Thanks for your great recipes!

  3. I love these videos Hallie. Great little tips and ideas! My kids love yogurt, but with kids you have to strike a balance somewhere!

  4. I love your videos. They are great. I follow mostly what you say anyways but I love hearing it because people just think I’m crazy/ridiculous. Everyone at my job is obsessed with Advocare. I’m not sure if you have heard of it or not. I’m literally the only person there that doesn’t use it. I tried to explain I just eat whole, real food and I feel great.

    Please keep the videos coming!! I would love a video on some more of your snacks.

  5. Carol Quin said on November 14, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Hallie! Love love love this series ! Thank you so much. We live in Austealia and your email updates drop in at 3.30am Friday so we read them 1st thing Friday mornings- a great reminder for the weekend ahead! My partner and I have just begun a truly serious journey in sorting out what we are eating . Began with a 3 week cleanse based on Dr Jurgen’ Clean’, which eliminated dairy sugar wheat alcohol red meat – these things used to comprise 100% of our diet! We are gradually adding back a few items and are very confused about yoghurt . What are your thoughts on organic pot set natural yoghurt? Is there any amount of carbohydrate level that is acceptable or should we just give it up and try something else? Thanks heaps for all your invaluable info ! Carol x

  6. My favorite snacks do include dairy, often, because I like Greek yogurt for its high protein levels. I make a chocolate yogurt mousse, and also like the plain yogurt with frozen mixed berries. I make a protein pudding using nut butter and Stevia-sweetened whey powder (no extra sugar), which is very satisfying. Sometimes I’ll make chocolate peanut butter cookies which include pumpkin and whey powder, with minimal sugar. And we eat a lot of protein bars, which are important when you are on the go. We do watch the amount of sugar we eat and try to keep everything well balanced. It was really nice to hear you talk about the importance of keeping nutrients balanced – a sane voice in the ‘diet’ world. :-)

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