Hair’s Best Friend: Argan Oil {Video}

July 11th, 2013 at 6:06 am

One of the perks of blogging behind a computer screen is that I can control what you see of me. In other words, you get to miss all of my crazy hair days. I was blessed with a full head of hair that’s a cross between the fine, curly mane of my mom and the thick, bushy locks of my dad (don’t worry, he wears it short). End result: frizzy, curly, unruly, wavy hair that loves to rebel against the humidity.

On warm and sticky summer days, if I don’t have my trusty hair tie and a hat, it’s a scary sight. Think Bozo the Clown as a brunette. But thankfully, I’ve got a secret weapon.

Argan oil.

Also called Moroccan oil, argan oil is a plant oil derived from the seed of the argan tree native to Morocco and has been around for centuries. It’s making a comeback in the cosmetic industry these days. Chances are you’ve seen or heard of it before in a hair salon or spa. Argan oil is high vitamin E, so it’s a wonderful topical oil for skin, hair, nails, and cuticles. Because it’s easily absorbed, it helps to maintain good pH balance of the skin.

I love it because it’s lighter than coconut oil and olive oil, but still very moisturizing and hydrating. In the video below I’ll share more about how I use it in my hair. It’s so easy! Up until trying argan oil, I had used dozens of products endorsed by every celebrity under the sun to try to tame my frizz. Nothing has worked as well as argan oil! Although I still have curly, unruly hair, the oil helps to keep it under control and add extra shine.

It’s also a great cuticle treatment if you have cracked fingertips. (Gardeners, take note!)

Alright, enough said. Watch the video for a quick argan oil primer!

Can’t see the video? Click here to go straight to Vimeo.

The brand of argan oil I use is one that I pick up at my local co-op, but here’s another good brand you can get online for a reasonable price. A little goes a long way.

What’s your favorite hair and skin oil? Have you tried argan oil before?


  1. Three cheers for argon oil! I have also recently discovered argon oil, & it is the answer to my dreams. Having spent many years dreading rainy days because of the what humidity does to my already very, very long curly hair, I love how argon oil takes out that frizz factor. Thanks for the tips on your argon oil experience.

  2. Very convincing testimonial! I’ll definitely be trying this, especially for some skin issues on my face.

    Thanks for taking the time to share!

  3. Very much interested to try this one! Looks like it’s a great idea to pamper my hair this weekend

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