New Month, New Goals!

May 31st, 2013 at 6:06 am

June starts tomorrow? Oh. Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Where did May go?! Am I the only one who feels like it sort of just evaporated?

Like it or not, we’ve had somewhat of a slow spring here in the Midwest. With June upon us now, though, I think things are finally getting the message that it’s time for sun, warmth, and that beloved Wisconsin humidity. I’m not complaining. After a long winter, moist warm air is a welcome change!

With the new month, it’s time for your NEW motivational calendar. It’s easy to print it out, tack it up someplace that you’ll see it daily, and use it for a little daily encouragement to keep up with healthy living.

I decided to try something a little different from previous calendars. Instead of a day by day collection of tips and tidbits, I’ve made the June calendar a bit more broad and given each a week an overall goal and theme. This month is all about achieving all around holistic wellness, which reaches beyond what we eat and how we exercise. Holistic wellness emphasizes mental, emotional, and spiritual health just as much as physical.

So with June’s calendar, I encourage you to read through the brief weekly themes and fit them into your life in whatever way is applicable to you. And to keep you motivated along the way, I’ll be doing…

Weekly Motivation Monday Posts!

I’ve wanted to do Motivation Monday posts for quite a while, but honestly I wasn’t sure what I’d write about it. I don’t always see myself as the most motivating person. The thought of trying to come up with “motivational content” made me scratch my head a little.

Then I started to think about what motivates me. It’s not always reading something that’s “motivational on purpose.” In fact, more often than not, I am inspired and encouraged by reading about what’s happening in the lives of others, how they’re growing and changing, and what they’re doing to overcome struggles.

With my Motivation Monday posts, I plan to share a little bit more of the personal side of my life in fitting with the calendar’s weekly themes. I’m far from perfect, trust me! I hope that through the weekly posts, you’ll be able to find a bit of encouragement and motivation for  your own life and also see a bit more of the “real me”…beyond just what I cook and how much I love kale.

Ready for a great month? Me too!

Download your June calendar HERE. Whether you save it to your computer or print it out, keep it handy all month as we make positive changes together and continue to become better people than we were last month.

Sound like a plan?

(psst…If you have a problem downloading the calendar, email hallie(at)dailybitesblog(dot)com and I’ll send it to you!)


  1. This is great, I really need some motivation right now. Printing it out to stick to my wall for sure!

  2. Love, love, love your June motivational calendar. Great ideas to center oneself.

  3. Thanks for the calendar! It’s a great addition to my month. Lately I’ve been doing positive challenges like dancing 5 minutes every day, meditating 5 minutes a day, and this month I’m trying to eat 9 cups of veggies each day!

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