Zema’s Rosemary Millet Focaccia {Review}

July 19th, 2012 at 11:11 am

Ever wish you could have a nutritious gluten-free bread on the table to go with dinner without the fuss of pulling out all your flours and baking supplies? I hear you. As much as I love to bake and cook from scratch, sometimes there’s a tug inside me that really wishes I could go into my pantry, pull out a package, and whip something up in no time—without sacrificing good nutrition.

Thanks to Zema’s Madhouse Foods, an Illinois-based baking mix company focusing on ancient whole grain flours, quick and easy (and healthy) gluten-free baking just got a whole lot easier. Jill Motew, Zema’s founder, originally developed this line of baking mixes for her five children. (Yes, five. This gal’s got some energy!) A self-professed “health junkie,” Jill wanted to create something nutritious that her entire family could enjoy. She views food “as part of our daily pharmacology.” Jill is a baker after my own heart! I love her food perspective.

Zema’s baking mixes are not only gluten-free but also refined sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Each mix features ancient grains and seeds that offer more fiber, healthy fats, and flavor than refined grains and flours. Check out all of the super nutritious ingredients here. Zema’s product line includes:

I have no doubt that each mix produces delicious results, but earlier this week I tried the Rosemary Millet Focaccia Mix. In less than 45 minutes (most of which I spent reading a magazine), I had a fragrant pan of herb-flecked tomato flatbread cooling in the kitchen waiting to be eaten with dinner.

I’ll admit that I was a little worried the bread would be dense and heavy (as many whole grain-based baked goods can be), but it wasn’t at all. Light yet sturdy, it held up well enough to eat by hand without crumbling apart. The rosemary flavor was definitely detectable, which is difficult to find in packaged baking mixes. The baked bread tasted fresh and “from scratch.” You never would have known that I used a mix.

This would be fabulous with more toppings on it. Olives, more herbs, pesto, sausage—anything, really. It’s the perfect carrier for whatever you want to scatter on top.

So, would I recommend Zema’s products?

Of course! Admittedly, I will never be the kind of person that relies exclusively on baking mixes. But when I need something convenient and still want great flavor and nutrition, Zema’s has me covered.

If you’re new to gluten-free baking and want to ease into it gradually, I highly recommend Zema’s. It’s a great starting point for people who need to eat gluten- and dairy-free but don’t want the fuss of starting from scratch right off the bat.

You can purchase Zema’s products online. If you live in the Chicago area, they will also be heading into some local markets this fall.

Follow Zema’s Madhouse Foods on Facebook and Twitter for all of the updates. (Oh, they’re on Pinterest, too!)

(This post is sponsored by Zema’s Madhouse Foods, but opinions expressed within are strictly my own.)



  1. Gonna have to check out this product. I too sometimes would love to pull out a box and go! That focaccia looks tasty!

  2. I tried that mix too, and it was pretty good! At a gf show they had out goodies they’d made with their sweeter mixes and the SB&J bars were SO good!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous product! Will have to look into whether or not they ship to Canada. I’m all for quick and healthy meals :)

  4. It looks like it would be a great sandwich bread too! You’ll have to let us know if you try the cocoa pancake mix – I can never say no to chocolate!

  5. I haven’t tried that – thanks for introducing us to it!

  6. I am totally going to have to look into ordering some of their products. Their muffins sound awesome and so does this focaccia. I really like her food perspective as well. I hope that they do awesome with this!

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