A Day in the Life of Kelly Brozyna

April 8th, 2011 at 11:11 am
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Today I’m launching a new series of posts around the theme “A Day in the Life of…” The idea is to take a deeper look at the lives of some of my favorite bloggers and cookbook authors to see just how they incorporate eating well into their different lifestyles. We’re kicking things off today with Kelly Brozyna of The Spunky Coconut. The author of two outstanding cookbooks, The Spunky Coconut Cookbook and Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts, Kelly is also the mom of two adorable girls. Kelly cooks gluten-free, casein-free, and sugar-free, but all of her recipes are fresh and flavorful.

What Kelly Eats

My/my family’s breakfast is usually something along the lines of: Yogurt and granola, or eggs and sausage.

If I’m hungry for a mid-morning snack, I usually reach for: A smoothie or some fruit.

I load my lunch plate with: Veggies, olives, protein, greens.

I never go a day without eating this: A few squares of Chocolove 73% dark chocolate. :0)

In the afternoon, I nibble on: Nuts.

Dinner is usually something like: Chicken, baked or stir-fried with different sauces and veggies.

My 3 “desert island” foods (foods I couldn’t live without): Organic coffee, Chocolove 73% dark chocolate, and fruit. 

A food that I used to not like but have grown to love: Well, it isn’t that I didn’t like it, but rather that I never had it till about 4 years ago: Indian food. Mmm…

My ingredient obsession these days: Quinoa flakes.

How Kelly Lives

Location: I live in Longmont, which is 20 minutes northeast of Boulder, Colorado.

My days start out with: Hugging my girls and my husband, and putting hot water on for tea.

An average day for me looks like this: We often sleep in till 8:00. Then we get up, and have breakfast together. Andy cleans up while I check my comments, Facebook, etc. Then he’s off to work in his home office, and I get the girls dressed or they play dress-up first. I like to work on new recipes first thing in the morning. Often Zoe and Ashley go outside, play and talk to the neighbors for a while, or we use the time before lunch to run errands. At lunchtime we eat outside as often as possible, then Andy returns to his desk again. After lunch Zoe, Ashley and I read and write, and the girls do their online programs. Then Zoe, Ashley and I go for a walk through the open space where there are tons of prairie dogs, rabbits, heron and hawks. We take this path to my friend’s organic coffee shop, and we like to go in and say hi. I get an Americano with almond milk (decaf now that I’m pregnant). Sometimes we bring projects we’re working on. I start dinner after we walk home. We eat around 5:30. Afterwards the girls like to climb all over Andy and rough-house. Andy and the girls like to paint together, use Legos, and play games. Just before 7:00 the girls get dressed and ready for bed, then we watch one show together, usually The Gilmore Girls (we own them all :0) Around 8:00 I hug and kiss them goodnight, and they lay in their double bed together, while Andy reads to them. They read nature-study books, history and philosophy books. Right now they’re reading The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of The Odyssey. Then Andy and I spend time together talking, sitting on the porch, and watching our favorite shows online before going to bed. 

When I’m feeling stressed I: I almost never get stressed, but when I do I go for a power-walk. 

Top 3 healthy habits I try to keep every day: Drink lots of purified water, and get plenty of probiotics and essential fatty acids.

In my spare time I like to: Travel and take day-trips.

Kelly’s Favorites

Favorite food: Everything! I love to eat! 

Favorite book: Eat, Pray, Love and The Call to Brilliance.

Favorite place to visit: Bermuda.

Favorite pastime: Biking and picnics in the park.

Favorite form of exercise: Walking and biking (but I don’t like to bike when I’m pregnant).

Favorite quote: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” —Martin Luther King, Jr. and “Even smile in your liver… Too serious, you make you sick.” —Ketut, Eat, Pray, Love

Favorite song, artist, or type of music: I’m all over the place! Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Mary J Blige, David Bowie, John Lennon, The Shins, Moby, Elvis Presley, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Dean Martin, Van Morrison. See what I mean? :0)

Favorite color: Orange

Other Stuff About Kelly

When I’m in need of recipe inspiration I: Listen to music, and look at websites.

When I don’t feel like cooking I: Go out to eat. :0)

My favorite place to pick up plates, napkins, and other fun tableware is: Pier 1 and World Market.

To treat myself I: Go out to eat. (Ha ha!)

To relax I: Watch a movie.

Kelly’s Tips & Tricks

Time-saving kitchen tip: Cook big. Leftovers are a beautiful thing. :0)

Top 3 ways to eat well on a budget: Keep it simple, buy in bulk, shop for sales.

My motto for life in general: Less is more. Appreciate the little things. Be in the moment.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! No wonder Kelly’s writing sounds so fresh – she’s rejuvenating herself every day in the way she lives. Love it! Good series, Hallie!

  2. Great article Hallie! I love Kelly’s approach to life! Fresh, simple, clean, happy!

  3. This is great and such a fun idea! I wish I had Kelly’s ability to never get stressed!

  4. I am loving this new series!! Kelly is awesome! I love reading about people who take such a fresh and positive approach to life! I cannot wait to read “A Day in the Life of..” other bloggers that I follow! Thanks for the article.

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