Coming in November: The Thankful 30!

October 30th, 2014 at 6:06 am
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The Thankful 30: A Month-Long Celebration of Gratitude (Daily Bites)

Halloween is the farthest thing from my mind these days. Instead, I’ve been cooking up a post series for November that I just can’t wait for! Get excited. Coming to you this Saturday, November 1st—The Thankful 30: A Month-Long Celebration of Gratitude.

If ever there was a month that’s gotten lost in the shuffle, it’s November. In our rush to hurry up and get the holiday season cranking, we jump straight from Halloween to Christmas preparations, and too often poor old Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick.

The Thankful 30 is all about resurrecting a spirit of gratitude for the month of November in an effort to create a long-lasting habit. I believe that giving thanks has just become another item on our to-do lists, a short-lived side effect of reading self-help books. Just go to Pinterest and type in “gratitude.” You’ll quickly find hundreds of motivational quotes—all of which look great on the screen but let’s be honest: do they really penetrate the soul?

What if we could turn November into the January of giving thanks? The kickstart of habitual gratitude? The resolution that revolutionizes how we live from this month forward?

The Thankful 30 will take place right here November 1—30. Every day you’ll find a new post here that will celebrate gratitude in some way or another. I’m eager to share reflections, recipes, challenges, stories from a few of my soul sisters (and even my real related-by-blood sister), mini devotionals, and more all tethering back to that anchor of thankfulness.

We’ll explore how gratitude impacts our health on so many levels, and how positively transforming our relationship with food and our body image hinges on giving thanks.

I didn’t decide to launch this series because I know everything about gratitude. Whoa whoa whoa no. Definitely not. In truth, I’m a (major) work on progress on the thanksgiving front. And also, I don’t really feel like I choose my writing topics anymore. They choose me.

The Thankful 30 is happening because I need it—and if I’ve learned anything from blogging these past five years, it’s that if I need something, usually someone else needs it, too.

I am beyond excited to enter into 30 days of thanksgiving with you!

Might I suggest you sign up to get each Thankful 30 post delivered to your inbox this month? A little dose of gratitude every day?

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See you on Saturday for Day 1 of #TheThankful30.

Peace, love, and pumpkin truffles


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