The Autoimmune Protocol & Exercise

October 2nd, 2014 at 8:08 am
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Letting go

My heart was warmed so much by all of your kind comments on my post earlier this week about my new adventure with the Autoimmune Protocol. When I’m having hard days (or am so sick of drinking bone broth I could weep…), I will be coming back to that post to let your words of encouragement wash over me!

One of the most difficult aspects of the AIP for me will be the exercise portion. Like it or not, physical exertion is a form of stress (for everyone, regardless of your health or immunity). A healthy body gets stronger from periods of physical stress, but one that’s compromised only becomes more depleted. In order to keep stress to a minimum and allow the body ample opportunity to heal, moderating exercise is essential.

This isn’t to say “Don’t exercise.” Instead, we AIP-ers have to focus more on healing movement than power-through-and-break-a-sweat-and-get-really-sore movement. :)

Right now, my body is doing well with yoga and walking.

Yoga and walking.

Maybe you’ll join me in feeling like those two things are great, but aren’t they a little bit easy? Like, for “weaker” people?

My pride often sits like a little dragon on my shoulder, telling me that a simple walk or  yoga class isn’t really a legit workout. I should be jumping, pushing, pulling, huffing, puffing, dripping.

Granted, I’ve been to some pretty tough yoga classes, but my favorite form of exercise is high intensity/short duration burst training. I discovered it years ago and I fell in love right away.

So it’s taking some mental effort to re-frame my thinking around exercise and lay down my pride for a while. Key phrase there is for a while. Just like the restricted AIP diet, this plan is not intended to last forever. It will be a season of healing and taking things a little slower, and someday I’ll be back up and running (or in my case, doing burpees!).


Learning to Move Differently

Walking—while I still have a hard time considering it “working out”—is one of my favorite things to do, so I plan on incorporating it into as many days as possible. I’m also setting the intention of getting on my yoga mat every day in the month of October. Whether I hop on at home to do a few flows or head to a class, yoga is the perfect restorative complement to the AIP lifestyle.

As for strength training and cardio, I may drop in some simple circuits now and then with basic bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, planks, and lunges. But I do not intend to overdo it…or even come close to overdoing it. This makes me sad (oh how I love a good burn!), but again, I’m trying to dwell on the benefits of healing that will come from restraint.


Tell me, what are your favorite restorative ways to move your body? Do you struggle with holding back, too?


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